A quick e-mail to say thank you for the work done at Mountain Raiders BMX.


The feed back about the corners has been overwhelmingly positive, from the top elites down to little newbie kids.

We are very happy with the surface, being smooth & grippy, that takes the track to a new level.

Checking off the work done yesterday, this really makes the site look great & helps with the ease of use. The presentation of the top area & protection of the second corner & finish line areas now look complete & first class.

A great job done & the finish is quality.

Thank you.

Mountain Raiders BMX






A big thankyou for the fantastic effort that your team put in At Mount Smart in February.

Your guys made it look easy.

Your 24 hour turnaround when our client urgently needed additional areas sealed was especially impressive.

The outcome all looks really good, thanks again.

Kind Regards,
Les Gorvett| Managing Director



Hello Graeme,

Your guys appear to have completed all tasks, as the last tyre buffer went in this morning (and cones returned with an apologetic smile).  The job is great, thank you, and I have to say it was impressive to see your various teams working like clockwork.  I also want to let you know how pleased I am to tell anyone about it.  I had a complimentary email from a colleague who works around the corner and here is part of my response to him:

Thanks and yes, very happy with the carpark.  We had our first customer come in yesterday who had been in not long ago telling us how much better the place looks, and while that is obvious it is very satisfying.  As an aside, we recently advertised a job and several respondents who initially said they were interested to come in for an interview declined before the interview and I reckon it was because they had done a drive by and thought ‘no thank you’ based on the appearance of the place.  Just a theory.  I’m about to ring the head honcho of City Pavements, Graeme Wheeler and tell him I believe it’s all done and what a great job they all did, many teams coordinating extremely well to get to this end result.  Great to see.  If you ever need tar sealing done, and I bet they do concreting as well, definitely give these guys a call.  They weren’t the cheapest quote (nor the dearest) but made the most sense when explaining what they would do to complete the job, instilling confidence in me from the word go.  A good business model I’m sure you would agree.  City Pavements: ph 636 6385.

It’s not just your teams Graeme, you made life easy for me, taking care of all issues without a fuss which was really good, thank you.  So as far as I can tell the only left to do is pay your invoice which I will do without delay upon receipt.

Thank you, best regards and have a very Merry Christmas

Steve Wilson